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You can rent our boats for full or half day adventures and explore miles of waterways. With our boat rentals you can visit local restaurants, beaches, and sand bars. You will see dolphins, manatees, local and migrating birds, marine life and the beautiful beaches.


Harbour Rentals’ LLC is the perfect way to spend a day on the water without the hassle associated with boat ownership. If your goal is to relax and have fun while making lasting memories, you came to the right place.


Harbour Rentals has a complete line of boats to fit your needs. Our pontoon boats provide a more leisurely cruise allowing you to soak up rays and enjoy nature. Harbour Rentals makes every effort to ensure your boating adventure provides you with the perfect experience.


Large or small pontoon boats are perfect for entertaining right on the water, they are the most stable vessel, easy to operate and you can pull up directly on the  beach, making it easier to unload and load.  Pontoon boats are ideally suited for large group and rougher waters, so you have the freedom to go wherever you please as safely as possible. Take a cruise or simply enjoy a day on the water.


Our pontoon boats are perfect for cruising around the waterways. They offer plenty of comfortable seating, and the swim ladder makes re-boarding the boat from the water easy and safe. Pontoon boats are great for snorkeling and visiting with the dolphins!


Some of our premium pontoon boats are BRAND NEW, top of the line luxury pontoon boats. They have upgraded stereo systems with Bluetooth functionality. Our new boats have plush seating and tilt steering. Our premium pontoons let you explore the waterways with great confidence.


We offer Catering and Captain services right on board upon request for an additional fee to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Prices do not include fuel or towing insurance.



Of course.  This is a perfect birthday gift, anniversary, graduation and so much more!  Just shoot us an email at office@harbourrentals.cc and we will set you up.


Who may rent a boat or Motorhome?

To rent and operate a boat you must be 32 years or older with a valid driver’s license or at least 25 years old with a valid driver’s license and a valid Florida Boating Safety license. Proof will be required.

To rent and operate an Motorhome you must have a valid Driver's License.


What types of boat RENTALS do you offer?

We offer 22', 24' and 26' Pontoon Boats. They are all well-maintained.


What Is the minimum amount of time I may rent?

Some boats may be rented for a minimum of 4 hours and others have an 8 hour minimum.. A Motorhome has a minimum of a three day rental.


Are life-jackets provided?

Standard, adult, coast guard regulation life-jackets (the orange ones we've all seen) are provided. If you have an infant, small youth, or prefer a vest type life􀇇jacket, you will need to provide your own.


are pets allowed on the boat or Motorhome?

 Pets up to 25lbs are allowed on board. Any damage caused by pets will incur a fee.


Is fishing allowed on the pontoon boats?

Yes, fishing is permitted on the pontoon boats


Do we need a fishing license to fish off the pontoon boats?

Yes. If you are a Florida Resident an annual saltwater fishing license is $17. Non-residents of Florida have 3 options: Nonresident Annual License ($47), Nonresident 3-day License ($17) or a Nonresident 7-day License ($30). Licenses are available for purchase online at License.MyFWC.com or over the phone at 1-888-FISH FLORIDA (347-4356)


Is food and beverage allowed on the boat or Motorhome?

You are welcome to bring your own food, beverages, and paper goods. No glass containers and no grilling. If we find evidence of glass or grilling on a boat, you will be charged a minimum $50 fee. Alternatively, Harbour Catering can assist you with your food and drink needs. Check out their Website at www.harbourcatering.com


Do you provide a captain to drive the boat?

We do have a licensed captain available to take you out on the boat, however additional charges apply.


I will have more people than the legal capacity of the boat. May I rotate people on and off of the boat?

Yes, you may rotate people on and off the boat as long as you don't exceed the legal capacity or weight limit at anytime. No boat may be beached or in less than five feet of water at anytime. To rotate people on and off of the boat, the boat must be properly secured to a dock.


Do the pontoon boats have radios?

All our boats come equipped with Bluetooth radios. Connect on your phone to play your favorite music.


Is fuel provided?

The boat or Motorhome will be full of fuel at time of rental. The customer will be responsible for refilling the tank once they return


How do I schedule a pontoon boat or Motorhome reservation?

Simply click on RENT and follow the instructions. ALL RESERVATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. A six-month credit is provided on cancellations with at least 72 hours notice of the scheduled reservation; otherwise, the reservation Is void and you do not receive credit. No credit or partial credit will be provided for returning a boat to the dock before the scheduled return time (if you return a boat early, there Is no credit for unused time).


How do I hold a pontoon boat or Motorhome reservation?

Full payment Is due at the time of the reservation and Is NON-REFUNDABLE. In other words, the only way to hold a reservation is to make it and pay for it. ALL RESERVATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


What if I need to cancel my pontoon boat or Motorhome reservation?

We are sorry but we have a no refund policy. If the cancellation is due to bad weather then a credit may be issued  (valid for six months).


What do I do If I have a pontoon boat or Motorhome reservation and there is bad weather?

If there is inclement weather (storms with high winds, lightning and thunder) at the time of your reservation and we cancel your outing, you will be contacted and provided a six month credit. If there is inclement weather during your outing and we call you back to the dock canceling the outing, you will be provided a partial credit for the time unused. If it is raining on the day of your outing, you may contact us at least two (2) hours prior to your reservation and we will provide you with a six-month credit.


What Is the security deposit for a boAT or Motorhome RENTAl?

We don't require a security deposit but do require on a valid credit card at time of pick up. If one does damage to a boat/equipment, and/or fails to represent any of the items as set out, but not limited to, in the rental agreement,  and Is responsible for all damage repairs which are payable immediately. For example, one sinks the he/she is required to replace the boat for equal or greater value.


What if I'm late for my reservation?

If you are more than 30 minutes late for your scheduled reservation and our office has not heard from you, your reservation will be canceled w/o a credit. If you are running late and we are aware of it, no problem, we will hold your reservation. However, you will not be allotted additional time to your reservation. For example, if your reservation is 2 to 6 and you don't arrive until 3, the boat is still due back at 6.


What if I'm late returning the boat or Motorhome and my rental time has expired?

 If you are late returning the boat you will be charged $50 for every 15 minutes the boat/􀅮 is not at the dock - NO EXCEPTIONS



Harbour Rentals, LLC reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time due to weather, safety, mechanical or behavioral issues.


Am I responsible for cleaning the boat or Motorhome?

The boats and Motorhomes are provided to you clean and you are required to return it as such -picked up and all trash removed. If you return the boat or Motorhome dirty and it requires additional cleaning, you will be charged a minimum $50 cleaning fee. If the boat is returned "trashed", you will be charged a minimum $100 cleaning fee.


May I keep a boat overnight?

No boat may be retained after dusk, unless of course boats are rented for more than 1 day.


Are the boats in the water or do I need to trailer the vessel?

All boats are housed and do not require trailering.


May I trailer the boat to another location?

No boat may be trailered to another location.



We have Captain available to take you on the boat.

All of our captains have been vetted and trained according to the U.S. Coast Guard requirements. All captains have been chosen based on their experience with boating and knowledge of the local area.


How do I get my Florida Boating Safety License?

To obtain your Florida Boating Safety License, follow the link provided. Please note this is a time consuming course, please plan your rental accordingly.


Thank you so much!


You may find the following websites helpful for safe boating tips: